I think I now genuinely want to go to the art institute in Chicago for fashion design but like…do I need to learn to use a sewing machine first or will we learn to do that there

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when ur listening to a shitty song and then u remember its ft nicki minaj


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hey Mia remember when you posted that meme of yourself with all of that stuff and you’re in obamas lap and I was like “Mia where do I begin” and it got hundreds of notes? our impact honestly

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casualbaptism replied to your post: “okay this red itunes icon is hideous why is this happening to me”:

none of us deserved this. we were betrayed

red. I might have known it would be red.

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*listens to where do broken hearts go while drinking a glass of sweet red wine and crying*

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ummmm I changed the icon but when the program opens its still red? I can’t have this

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okay this red itunes icon is hideous why is this happening to me

i’m assuming you have windows

>download the ico of this

>remember where you save it or if it’s in your download folder or w/e

>right click itunes and go to properties


>change icon

>replace icon with the blue one

I know that lol I planned on it but thank you! it’s just insulting to my eyes…a RED icon? no

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