oh hey my birthday is in a week…cool

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Artist: UnknownNicki Minaj
Title: UnknownAnaconda
Album: UnknownAnaconda - Single
Plays: 1,052
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what’s this maddonna business 👀

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I am awake but at what price

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i wonder if medusa ciccone’s upcoming album is gonna be any good

you, me, and the rest of the world already know the answer to that question


i just wanted to call her medusa ciccone

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Idk how people can have such vitriolic hate for Kim K. I mean ambivalence yeah. A mild distaste sure. But not like seething hatred. Like calm down. Have a snickers.

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It’s really funny that people are mad at the Kardashians for being rich and famous for nothing but they aren’t mad at people who’ve inherited tens and hundreds of millions of dollars from the wealth of their parents.

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when will I get a tom scavo of my very own
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