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because it’s not the same thing? people ship crisscolfer because of klaine’s relationship - like that’s IT. there’s no foundation, no ANYTHING other than kurt and blaine on the show meaning that they’re basing it all off of the characters they play

lol what? nothing you said changed what is actually the case here now you know i adore you but don’t get it twisted I couldn’t care less why anyone ships anything and you know that

it doesn’t matter the base of what the ship is what matters is that you’re overreacting to something that was in actuality harmless fun amongst friends

the fact is that these are still real people who have denied the relationship yet continue to get harassed despite their statements

larry stylinson shippers can ship whatever they want that doesn’t make it less creepy when they go too far, and in this case it has been taken too far

and now you’re all acting like some foul injustice is being forced upon you when it was just humor and it’s that much more hilarious that you’re taking it personally when that was never the intention ever

frienships are still friendships at the end of the day in my eyes and i still value you all but that wont stop me or anyone from laughing about something stupid

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  1. icoulddance said: …and yeah i’m kind of taking it personally when there’s a snarky vague post being made every five minutes about how ridiculous larry shippers are and how ridiculous they take everything like omg excuse me for having feelings
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